Vitalik Buterin – Building Digital Communities on Ethereum

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Join Vitalik Buterin on May 30 at 10 am EDT (2 pm UTC)

Building Digital Communities on Ethereum

There has been a lot of interest in using Ethereum as a platform not just for currency and financial applications, but also as infrastructure for managing many kinds of digital communities. We’ve seen growing use of DAOs in the past year, and recently Reddit’s integration with Ethereum, following existing experiments with community voting tokens, as well as new governance mechanisms like quadratic funding. What have the successes been, and what are the challenges, and in what areas might we see such ideas flourish the most?

Vitalik is the creator of Ethereum. He first discovered blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies through Bitcoin in 2011, and was immediately excited by the technology and its potential. He cofounded Bitcoin Magazine in September 2011, and after two and a half years looking at what the existing blockchain technology and applications had to offer, wrote the Ethereum white paper in November 2013. He now leads Ethereum’s research team, working on future versions of the Ethereum protocol.