Trekk – I Don’t Trust You

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Join Trekk on May 24 at 12 pm EDT (4 pm UTC)

I Don’t Trust You – Brand Your Project to Me

The presentation focuses on the necessity of personal/business brand development because the digital landscape in the coming decade will be flooded with a new wave of people, ideas, projects, and businesses all competing for attention and dollars. Although counter to the nature of the crypto community, I highlight the importance of building a brand based on empathy, trust, and transparency to generate high social equity aiding the brand stand out.

Trekk is the face behind the shades. He uses the art of storytelling to provide beginner to advance education, real-world applications, and business solutions based on blockchain technology. As someone who lives in the gig economy and being involved in cryptos since 2013, Trekk delivers content in context to individuals and small business, by way of writing articles, public speaking, hosting a podcast, and private consultations.

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