Paul Brody – Why Privacy Matters For Business Applications

Join Paul Brody on May 31 at 10 am EDT (2 pm UTC)

Why Privacy Matters For Business Applications

Blockchains should have companies jumping for joy – they solve numerous business problems without the risk that a centralized intermediary could become a threat to their future. Unfortunately, few companies are making use of blockchain technology because most solutions that do offer businesses privacy just substitute one kind of intermediary (a web marketplace) for another (a private blockchain network operator).

For blockchains to be successful with companies, they need to be both properly public and decentralized, like the public Ethereum network, and offer those users privacy for their sensitive business transactions. That’s now possible but it isn’t as simple as developing without privacy.

My talk will be about what businesses can get out of blockchain technology and also how developers should think about implementing privacy and why it matters.

Paul is responsible for driving EY’s initiatives and investments in blockchain worldwide. With blockchain services teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Paul’s team works with service lines to build a portfolio of services across tax, audit, and business transformation. He has extensive experience in the areas of IoT, supply chain and operations and business strategy, developed over 20 years at multiple start-ups, McKinsey, and at IBM. Paul has a BA in Economics and a certificate in African Studies from Princeton University.

Slides will be made available after the presentation