Virtual Reality Hackathon is raising $100,000 on blockchain to fund ideas to heal the world in crisis

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Register to build and get funding for your business ideas, projects and solutions to heal the world and help to create a post-crisis transformation. For those with ideas, for builders, mentors, project owners and community leaders.


Donate to fund the projects and solutions that will help to heal the world. You will get to select the projects that you want to fund - each donor will be invited to the official judging panel. For supporters.


Partner with us and receive the true benefit of being part of the Planet Wide SOS Hackathon, The Builder Collective and get exposure on a global scale. For partners and supporters.

Congratulations to our winners!!!

Planet Wide SOS Hackathon is your opportunity to fund your ideas and solutions to heal the world in crisis. This virtual event is open to all countries, all genders, all technologies and philosophies. Showcase your project in front of the global audience and have your ideas evaluated by the world leaders. 

You don’t need to be a developer to join – you can present and fund your idea only. 

By participating you gain voting power to select the winning projects.

Developers, students, designers, technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs are welcome to join! If you none of those, but have an idea or project in mind – please join too!

Any technology is allowed. If you don’t know any technology – you can still participate by developing and presenting your business idea.

We are using blockchain for managing this event to engage the entire community and give every contributor a voice. 

  • Fill the registration form and join our Discord
  • You have a choice to create your  project Team or join one of the existing teams
  • Attend our keynotes/events/ceremonies in Zoom and Decentraland to pitch your idea, learn and earn SOS voting points. Our opening ceremony is scheduled for May 29-31.
  • Submit your team project for judging in one of the tracks (Everything Remote or Anything Local) and any awards of your choice (Top Business Idea, Top Women-Led Team, etc.) by June 16
  • Our Judges and the entire community will be reviewing your project and making the funding decisions. If you earned SOS voting points – you will be invited to vote too June 16-June 30.
  • Present your hackathon project at our Spreadathon (after June 30) to get the entire world use your app or project
  • Our future mentorship and incubation program will help to develop your project into a startup

Check out our calendar for the events dates and times:

May 1-28, 2020 – Community Building.

 Digital cooperative is forming to build a community. Inspirational webinars are run to spark new ideas. Prize funds are being raised.

May 29-31, 2020 – Opening. 

Vitalik Buterin and Ben Goertzel keynotes. Panels and speeches are inspiring new thinking for the hackathon participants. 

June 1-16, 2020 – Hackathon.

Building ideas and solutions together. Submissions deadline is June 16 at 11.59 PM UTC

June 17 – 30, 2020 – Judging and funding.

Digital coop members, judges and partners are selecting the projects and ideas to back and fund.

July 3 2020 – Awards.

See the winning presentations and get feedback from our judges.

Post Event – Spreadathon

We will help you to build your projects further and get more funding and exposure

Register now to participate in all event activities and earn your voting power!

 Watch Live | Join on Zoom  | Join in Virtual Reality 

This event will be held in the virtual world built on Ethereum blockchain inside the Decentraland Conference Center. You can be in a  comfort of your home or office and still get into the same auditorium with all our speakers and builders!

Watch this tutorial video on how to get there: 

Please download the submission details and rules here. Submissions are accepted through

Hackathon Tracks (pick one):

  • Everything Remote – ideas and solutions to help people and businesses to function remotely
  • Anything Local – ideas and solutions to help and support your local businesses, communities and people

Additional Awards (pick one or more):

  • Top Business Idea Awards – for those who no necessarily have technical skills, but have a brilliant ideas 
  • Top Women-Led Team Awards – to recognize and encourage diversity
  • Top AAVE Integration Award – best team that uses Aave to help users make better financial decisions. 

Please donate and share to  receive the SOS voting points:

Crypto donations (you will earn crypto even if you share the link – follow the link and see the instructions):

The Prize fund is managed by the community cooperative The Builder Collective digital coop on blockchain, a people-centered organization controlled by its members. Your contribution and voice is tracked on blockchain and  assigned for each activity participation – webinar, team building, posting, messaging, referring new members, sponsors, speakers, raising funds etc.

If you would like to increase your chances to win – you can share this link to your family and friends to make a donation to the SOS Hackathon prize fund. Each donation will receive 1 SOS voting point for $1. All donors also will be able to vote or we will update your voting power according to the donations referred by you – contact us once donation is made.  

Here are the steps to review and vote for the submissions (watch this video walk through):

  •  Login  in The Builder Collective (top right corner Login button-> Connect via Torus)
  • Copy your ETH (Ethereum) address from your profile in The Builder Collective (top right corner)
  • Update Ethereum address with the word “Updated: …”  in your initial SOS Hackathon registration 
  • Review the submissions to make up your mind on who you would like to vote for
  • Keep in mind the following: You will be able to vote 3 times in each track and award category therefore selecting the top 3 teams. You will not be able to vote for the same team twice.

  • Place your vote starting from June 25 at 11.59 pm UTC and until June 30 at 11.59 pm UTC.

  • Vote here.

Planet Wide Hackathon

Is your opportunity to fund your ideas and solutions to heal our world in crisis in Everything Remote and Anything Local tracks. Each participant gets a voting power to select the winning ideas and solutions. This online event is held in Virtual Reality built on blockchain.

Your solution matters! Register now.

Watch Live Here

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