Eesha Ulhaq – Blockchain Breaking Barriers for Registrations

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Join Eesha Ulhaq on May 23 at 8 pm EDT (12 pm UTC)

Blockchain Breaking Barriers for Registrations

Blockchain will disrupt the future of infrastructure, shifting centralized powers to decentralized networks that are immutable and securer. Eesha will be discussing blockchain for improving government processes, how we can reduce reliance on third-party intermediaries, increase transparency, efficiency and trust. Eesha will showcase a blockchain birth registry application and explain how it’s scope can be broadened to tracking ownership of various types of data from business, to property to medical records.

Eesha is a 17-year-old blockchain and machine learning developer. Passionate about improving government infrastructure and civil registration. She’s built POC Dapps for birth registration and is currently working on an ID storage vault using blockchain and biometrics. She’s consulted for companies like Interac, Sidewalk Labs and Kidogo. Been asked to speak for companies like Microsoft, Sourced Group and Procter and Gamble in front of audiences over 2 thousand people. She’s a student at a human accelerator program for youth exploring exponential technologies called TKS

Slides will be made available after the presentation