DAO Panel – Vitalik Buterin and other experts about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Join Vitalik on May 31 at 11.30 am EDT (3.30 pm UTC)

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Our third day of the Planet Wide Opening Ceremony will continue with the panel discussion with Vitalik Buterin and other DAO experts who we will reveal a bit later.

Nowadays a number of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) also known as digital communities – truly democratic societies where decisions are made  by the entire community and backed up with technology.  Planet Wide SOS Hackathon is forming its own digital community to give the power to the hackathon participants to decide who gets the prize money. 
What are the best practices? Are there any legal implications? Advantages and disadvantages? How is it different from non-digital coops?

Join this discussion to listen to the experts and ask your question about digital communities.