Beth Porter – Learning Together Online (AI in Education)

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Join Beth Porter (Riff Analytics) on May 14 at 12 pm EDT (4 pm UTC)

Learning Together Online (AI in Education)

Learning is a social activity. When we go to school, we learn as much from our peers — if not more — as from our instructors. Whether ad-hoc, structured or a bit of both, making peer learning work from a distance takes some organization and care. And the responsibility is not the instructor’s alone! Learners must be part of making social, collective learning work. Beth will talk about how to take our current circumstance and turn it into an opportunity to learn and grow as communities of learners and digital citizens.

Beth is Cofounder and CEO of Riff Analytics Inc, a scrappy AI startup out of MIT that measures conversational dynamics to help people build situational and social awareness, especially when they collaborate. Beth’s philosophy is that people learn best from each other, and learning fosters both personal growth and organizational innovation and change. She teaches IT Strategies to MBAs at Boston University, where her students work in small, peer learning groups throughout the course, and learning innovation in Media Ventures at the MIT Media Lab.

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