Angela Chan – The Hacker Mindset

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Join Angela Chan on May 24 at 8 pm EDT (12 am UTC)

The Hacker Mindset

Working together as a team can be a challenge when it comes to online Hackathons. There are more distractions, it’s hard to keep each other accountable, and communications can be easily lost. Angela Bee Chan has supported almost 500 hackathons in the past decade and will provide her tips and tricks on managing and mobilizing a winning team. Join her session on Saturday to find out more!

Hello, I’m Angela Bee Chan. I am the Founder and CEO of Hackathons International where our mission is to empower people to get the most out of their hackathons through educational resources. I’ve participated and supported almost 500 Hackathons over the past 10 years and I am passionate about breaking the norm and creating sustainable and impactful change.

Slides will be made available after the presentation