Andrew Owens – Creating Apps using Realistic Thinking

Join Andrew Owens on May 26 at 11 am EDT (3 pm UTC) Creating Apps using Realistic Thinking

As the beginning of the Hackathon approaches, get ready for a Planet Wide SOS Hackathon webinar with Andrew Owens, International Electronic Publishing, and our partner, Universe City – Enriching Experiences while Advancing Local STAR Systems. Come hear Andrew reveal and share leading edge ideas on App Design, and Local Social and Economic Renewal. Put this presentation in your schedule today. Be sure to have your questions ready, in your seats.

Exciting topics we’ll be looking at together include –
Creating Apps using Realistic Thinking knowing the way the Universe Works
Experience becoming more fulfilled by Renewing Neighbourhoods and Rural Districts so they become Self-Sufficient and Beautiful for the Goodness of All

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Universe City

I’m an Ambassador from the Future. We’ve traveled decades back in time, to help Earth through great changes. Tomorrow will be sublime. Took care of people who were sick or out of hospital and learned to cook healthy meals. I canvassed for an environmental group to work off the karma from pushing a big name household cleaner at an advertising agency. Studied Eastern spirituality research in ashrams and was a lead singer doing chants in Sanskrit. Annoyed people at the Institute for Studies in Consciousness in California for two years. I studied chemistry and now think lots about how the universe works because I want to be one some day. I’ve been in the arts as a painter, and now make conceptual art pieces that some call businesses. I’m a short story writer and lyricist who’s producing a musical about how joy spread planet wide from Toronto.

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Slides will be made available after the presentation