AAVE Award $2000 – Building in DeFi (with Aave)

Join David Truong on May 28 at 11 am EDT (3 pm UTC)

Building in Decentralized Finance with AAVE

The overview of the Aave Protocol and how they can use it in their projects.

We’re awarding the best team that uses Aave to help users make better financial decisions. This could range from helping users earn more interest, make quicker financial decisions, or analyse information more effectively, using Aave‘s money markets. The prize is $2000 for the best integration/hack.
For more inspiration, see our hack ideas page: https://docs.aave.com/hack/ideas

David is a full stack developer with an entrepreneurial background. More info on my website: https://david.truong.vc

Slides will be made available after the presentation